Gönderen Konu: UEFA Europa League | Play-Off round | Kardemir Karbükspor - AS Saint-Étienne  (Okunma sayısı 19428 defa)

Murat Yılmaz

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| Translation - Çeviri |
First of all, what has happened in hotel by you supporters, which is beyond supporting and it is terrorism, shows that you had to force yourselves to do something since you saw the tour would be hard for your team. Although we are upset in polute and gentle way, it made us very happy to see you are afraid and you forced yourselves to do such things. In stadium, your pressure and support was as should have been(except the person who threw some materials to our goalkeeper). And I think  the hardest thing playing against a French team is a referee pressure. We almost heard no whistle for us from referee, who tries to obey the instructions given before.

Since all the words are just nothing in that stage, I wish you a good luck. And I promise to myself that I will buy sound bomb and fireworks before buying ticket, if we compete again some time in future. In that day, your players will not be able to sleep in peace.

O ilk cümle neydi öyle canım çıktı çeviricem diye :D
Kulağımın çınlamasının sebebi buydu sanırım. Hırs ve sinirle yazılmış uzun bir cümle diyelim :D

Teşekkür ederim Kubilay...
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